Vehikill VIP

$ 100.00 inc. VAT

As a VIP player you can join rooms larger than 8 players in and optionally set your avatar next to your nick in game.

You only need to buy it once — it’s life-time long VIP! You can activate it on as many devices you’ll want.

If we get 1000 VIPs sold, we’ll add a cannon to the tank! Yes, one that works and can shoot things! 🙂

Note! For the avatar feature, order this product with the email address you want to use at!

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This product will grant you a life-time long special VIP status on our game.

As a VIP player you can:

  • Join rooms larger than 8 players. In fact, if a room between 7 and 15 members is available, as a VIP player you’ll join there.
  • You can add an avatar next to your nick in the game
  • We’ll grant you a VIP status on our Discord server (if requested)

…and help us keep our servers and Vehikill running!

How to activate VIP access?

After purchase, just click link on the order page or in the email message to activate your VIP status on the game server.

If you change your browser or reset your cookies, just log in our store and go to your order page.

How long does it last?

Once enabled on the game server, your VIP access is active as long as you keep your cookies in your browser.

You can always activate it again from our store. Get new links from Orders -> Your order page for Vehikill VIP.

Links in email expire after 60 minutes. In that case, get new links from our store.

How to modify the avatar?

The avatar is based on your email address which you used when ordering, and can be configured from Gravatar’s website.

Many other apps and websites use Gravatar, too, so you might already have it configured.

Otherwise the avatar will be automatically generated.

Is my email address published to other players?


Your email address is not presented to other players in a clear format.

Gravatar uses an identifier made from your email address, but it is not simple task to turn it back to a correct email address — unless that address is know already, of course.



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