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When you buy this product:

  • Get your ideas heard. You get access to our issue tracker. You can create one issue and you can direct one hour of development to any issue on the board and see the progress. To create or direct more, you may buy this product multiple times.
  • Get visibility, if you’re into that. You get your name and link to the game’s sponsors page. Heck, if you want we’ll develop a new feature to show it on the game, too.
  • You help to improve Vehikill. One purchase of this product will go directly to one hour of development for
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with the product after the issue has been done, we will give your hours back to your pool to redirect. If that’s not enough, we’ll give your money back.


So you’re going to implement anything people want? Really?

Yes, and no.

We indeed will do our best to implement any feature into the codebase we possibly can, which you have requested us to do, and provided us enough resources to do so. You will have ability to create your own rooms with the features you have paid for, free of charge.

However, we will keep our artistic freedom to choose which features go into the main rooms.

New cars? New map?

Sure! Just create an issue in the tracker and possibly submit a link to the 3d model available from or some other service selling royalty free 3d materials.

What’s Vehikill? 

Vehikill is a web-based 3D car game running on it’s own in-house JavaScript game engine.

Vehikill was developed by a Finnish company PixelFace, which later went bankruptcy and the game was unavailable for months.

JHH and his company Sendanor then bought rights to it and made it available again.

Who are you?

Hangover Games Ltd was founded later to continue the development of and JHH’s other gaming projects.

So we just bought it. We are not the original authors of

In fact, the game is still technically owned by JHH’s other company Sendanor.  We intent to buy rights to Hangover Games once it has a working business model and enough money to do it. That’s about 15 000 € btw.

We really see potential in it and want to develop it further.

We have tried to contact original developers but with not much luck. We also don’t have deep pockets enough to pay as much as PixelFace was paying for the original team. However JHH has managed to find a team of local freelancers to continue the work — but we, too, need something to earn our living.

We know there’s big issues in the game. 

The game still has technical issues which we have not managed to overcome with our limited resources. PixelFace made the game run on a cool tech stack like WebRTC, where each player’s physics are run by a master player — eg. one of you, and not the server, and communication is mostly directly between players and there’s no server involved. Before the bankruptcy there used to be an automated car running in the room named “bot”, which was running on a fast server instead of one of your mobile phones, but that part of the codebase we have failed to make work. It was pretty bad code written on old NodeJS stack made look like a browser was running it. One could say it was a peace of a hack. NodeJS isn’t a browser environment.


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